D E S I G N____C O N S U L T I N G____. C L I E N T S____A W A R D S
Museum of Dutch History, Den Haag/Netherlands

. Bosch
. Curver
. German Government on State and City levels
. Grundmann Film Production
. Ikea
. Rosenthal
. Sony
. ZDF German Television
. Zwilling

. The Mila Brand Studio, San Francisco
. Clarity, Los Angeles
. Vision and Strategy Lic., Los Angeles
. FCB, San Francisco
. Avaya (AT & T) [video clip] (Video by Chris Balton)
. Autodesk
. Saatchi & Saatchi, New York
. AOL/Time Warner, New York
. SAP Global Marketing, New York

Trade fairs
. Nice, France
. Las Vegas, USA
. Portugal
. Orlando, USA

Thinc design
. Bosch
. Botanical Garden, Cleveland
. CAL Academy (Aquarium),San Francisco


. Field Museum, Chicago
. Floriade, Netherlands
. Freedom Museum, New York
. IBM, Orlando, Florida
. Mercedes
. Monsanto, Orlando, Florida
. Museum of Dutch History, Den Haag/Netherlands
. SAP, New York
. Seagate
. Sony Wonder, New York
. Museum of Science and History (MOSH), California
. Nauticus Museum – The National Maritime Center Port
. Intel Event, Las Vegas
. Hewlett Packard, San Francisco
. Tsunami Memorial, Thailand (Government)
. Tate Technology Office, Government of Florida
. Edgar and Clarissa Bronfman, New York
. Kaleidoscope Events Ltd., New York
. Chrysler
. Rehage Entertainment, New York
. Batwin + Robin Productions, New York
. USS Midway Proposal

Sony Wonder, New York

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